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Battery Bikes also known as Electric Bikes are all the rage at the moment as consumers look to reduce transport / commuting costs. Battery Bikes also provide you with the opportunity to do your bit to clean up the planet reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise whilst also offering the added benefit of saving you money.

Battery Bike - Nothing compares to the sense of independence!

Owning a Battery Bike means you have the opportunity to gain a sense of freedom, as a child, nothing compares to the sense of independence that riding a bike enables and yet, as adults, we seem to grow apart from our trusty childhood friend as other, more expensive forms of transport come into our lives.

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At Battery our aim is to provide you with the best Battery powered bicycles in the market at the very best prices available. We have extensive experience in the Battery Bike market place and have stores situated right across the United Kingdom.
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Battery Bike .com has experienced over the years that the e-bike concept has a wide market appeal to different people of all different ages. The Battery Bike motorised assistance expands the usable range of the bicycle as a mode of transport and makes daily commuting much easier. It has health and fitness benefits since the rider is still more active than they would otherwise be if sat in a car and if the concept makes the thought of cycling more appealing, then it will be used more regularly than a normal bike.
The beauty of a Battery Bike is the assistance it provides compensates for natural fitness!
The beauty of a Battery Bike is that the assistance it gives will compensate for our natural fitness deficiencies at the time when we need the help most - right at the commencement of any regular routine. Because the effort required to pedal a Battery Bike is reduced, it arguably places less load on our joints and cardio-vascular system and so it can make the return to regular exercise less stressful for our bodies.
Below is a video news item from an Italian Auto Magazine taken at the recent Milan EICMA exhibition.

To see the full article link to the Italian website:-

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